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Transthat Wants to Enable You Purchase Items From Others Countries By Connecting you to Travelers

We all know those moments when we need an item that cannot be found anywhere on the shores of Nigeria, but in another country. Then the need to Travel all the way to a foreign country just to buy an item comes up, and this is sometimes in not doable.

But with Transthat, you can find people traveling abroad, and get them to help you buy items from whatever country them might be going to.

Launched by Lola Ekugo, Transthat is a platform that connects travelers who have extra luggage space to spare and want to make some extra money, with people who want to buy specific products from abroad and ship them to Nigeria.

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How it works? ‘Requestors’ looking to get buy items from another country post the said item, where it’s from and the price they are willing to pay to a traveler to bring it for them. Once a traveler picks up the request, Transthat will then hold the requestor’s payment until the traveler comes back with the item. This, according to the founder is to ensure transactions are done safely and securely on the platform.

The requestor can then collect their requested item from the Transthat Collection Centre or have the item delivered to their address.

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According to the founder, “some unique points to note about Transthat is that it is not limited to things you can buy online from abroad. So a request can be made to pick something up from a local market or a local gallery without an online delivery service.

We are also looking to utilise extra luggage space so every traveler has the potential to earn extra money to spend when they arrive in Nigeria and use up spare forex before they leave their destination by building trust in a community of travelers and requestors similar to the Uber and Airbnb models”.

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