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For less than $82, the nearly Bezel-less Dual Camera Ulefone S8 Pro is a perfect buy

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Ulefone is a smartphone manufacturer resident in China but sells all across the globe. The Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) have been quite busy in the factory trying out new things, creating new smartphone designs and consistently churning out great devices.

Are the smartphones made out of the passion to release nothing but outstanding devices? Or the need to stay in line due to the smartphone market saturation and stiff competition? No one knows… and honestly, no one cares. As long as the devices are good, we good.

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When I first read about the Ulefone S8 Pro, I was stunned. The smartphone is a budget smartphone that houses features that flagship devices from other smartphone brands lack. Don’t believe me? Check out the key specs review under the headers below

Ulefone S8 Pro Review


Ulefone S8 Pro

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I’ll start from the design and appearance of the S8 Pro’s back. Truth be told, the arrangement of components on this device is stunning. On the back, the dual camera set-up can be seen to occupy the 1st quarter of the device.

Right underneath the dual camera is the sharp fingerprint scanner that can be used to smart unlock the device, take pictures and selfies among other functions. The size (width) of the fingerprint scanner aligns with the primary camera and it is also not too big or too small for any chosen finger – just the perfect size.

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The positioning of the dual LED flash is likewise very creative. Each flash was placed on either side of the rear camera. Aside further adding to the device aesthetics, it will ensure brightness balance on the subject to be captured.

The volume adjustment keys follows cliche placement as Ulefone embedded them on the right hand side of the S8 Pro. And right above the volume adjusters is the power button which doubles as the lock button. Lovely placement.

Ulefone S8 Pro

Turning the Ulefone S8 Pro over to the front reveals a pretty large display and one can’t fail to notice the thinness of the size bezel. The bezel is 0.5mm thick at each sides and when compared to other smartphones, one may want to conclude that the bezel aren’t even there.

The frontal also houses the proximity sensor, secondary camera and the soft flash.


Ulefone S8 Pro

To display process output, a 5.3 inch HD screen with decent resolution and pixel density of 720 x 1280 pixels and 277 ppi respectively is on board.

The Ulefone S8 Pro is the perfect choice for smartphone buyers who feel that 5 inch devices are somewhat small and also can’t handle the hugeness of 5.5 and 6 inch phablets either. This device is just the perfect size and it is only 0.1 inch bigger than the Infinix S2 Pro.


A MediaTek MTK6737 chipset is where all processes run at the speed of the 1.3GHz 64-bit Quad-core processor. The processor speed and chipset are not high-end but decent. This S8 Pro is a low-end budget smart phone; it’s pretty much understandable.

The Ulefone S8 Pro has 2GB of RAM, and runs on the Android 7.0 Nougat OS. Know what this means? Fluid multitasking!

This device has an external micro SD card slot which you can use to expand the on-board 16GB ROM to up to 128GB.


The primary camera is a dual 13MP main lens and a supporting 5MP lens for detailed and focused image production.

The secondary camera is a single 5 megapixels lens. There’s a supporting soft flash for taking bright selfies at night.


Ulefone S8 Pro

To keep the S8 Pro up and running, Ulefone ships the device with a 3,000 mAh battery pack. The battery is removable and replaceable which gives room for owning spare batteries; this may not be necessary though because the battery last long enough to provide 13 hours of talk time and 26 hours of movie play. Decent, yeah?


The Ulefone S8 Pro is one of the cheapest smartphone with great specs you can find out there. The device is only out on pre-order at the moment and it costs only $82 to own a unit.

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