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Twitter Night Mode on Desktop is officially available; global rollout to happen soon

by Olanrewaju Sodiq
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Twitter Night mode on Desktop

Night mode on Twitter is one of those things I love about the app… and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

Some users on Twitter have reported that they could see a “Night mode” option in the menu of their account when they accessed the social network on their desktop. To confirm this, they enabled the option and the background changed from a white and bright interface to a dark blue or navy blue colour.

Twitter Night mode on Desktop

Twitter Night mode on Desktop

A decent amount of users of the Twitter app on mobile have shown unwavering interest in the Night mode version of the social network for different reasons.

Some users just can’t deal with the brightness of the normal/day version while some visually impaired users have complained that their eye can’t cope with the reflection of the bright background. On some other reasons, some users (like myself) are just in love with the subtlety of the night mode. Just calm and nice, unlike the loudness of the standard version.

Besides, I personally think Twitter with different shades of the same colour (blue) goes perfectly together and is quite better to the eye than the standard blue and white Twitter.

If you are a desktop user of Twitter, you can turn on the night mode in the menu by clicking on your profile picture and subsequently turning on the Night mode (located at the bottom of the menu options) by clicking to activate.

Twitter Night mode on Desktop

Activating Twitter Night mode on Desktop

Apparently, it seems the Twitter Night Mode on Desktop is still in the experimental stages as not all users can access it yet. Only a small number of people can see the Night on their Twitter. I can’t, and it leaves me with the another guess that probably the feature is being rolled out on the basis of region. Maybe, maybe not.

Irrespective, we are all getting the Twitter Night mode feature on our desktop in due time because there is no stated date of rollout yet – but that is happening sooner than we think. Twitter won’t wait much longer before churning out a global update.

However, before now, several blogs have reported Twitter’s intention to introduce the Night mode to the Desktop version but still some users couldn’t wait.

Some user Desktop users have been using their Twitter in Night mode for quite sometime (since last December); albeit not officially. How did they do this? Pretty easy. They used this Google Chrome web extension to use Twitter in night mode.

You can have more sights of the Twitter Night Mode on Desktop below;

Twitter Night Mode on Desktop

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