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The iPhone earphones: 10 tricks you should try out today

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Several phone brands ship with different native and custom accessories, so does the Apple iPhone. The earphones are awesome.

Like me, you have probably lost count of the number of earphones you have used ever since you commenced your phone journey. Sometimes, I even do joke amongst my friends that if I saved the cash I have spent on purchasing earphones, I would be a proud owner of a landed property by now.

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Back to the core issue. The Apple earphones are awesome. Loud, great sound quality, wonderful separation of sound and unique design??

iPhone earphones tricks

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The aspect of the earphones I particularly love the most is the design. The Left (L) and (R) buds were perfectly crafted to fit into the ears when plugged in. They don’t fall off (except of course when pulled with force) and they prevent outside interference of sound to a certain extent unlike conventional earphones. Do not mistake this for the Noise cancellation technology. They don’t have that.

Of vital importance to the earphone’s preference to other brands out there is the “control box/unit” found on the right line of the accessory.

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The control unit has a microphone embedded in it for calls, volume up (+) and volume down (-) button. There is a clear (not labelled) dashboard at the middle of the volume adjusters which is clickable. I prefer to call it the center button.

The three (3) buttons on the earphones control unit can perform a lot of functions. Some you know, some, you don’t. See some iPhone earphones tricks below;

iPhone earphones tricks you should try

1. Pause or Play a song

A single click of the center button when plugged in plays the current songs in your music player. A single click on the center button also pauses the song.

2. Answer an incoming call

When a call comes through on your iPhone, a single click on the centre button answers the call.

Likewise, a single click on the center button ends the call.

3. Decline an incoming call

Click and hold the center button for at least two seconds to decline and incoming call and send to voicemail

4. Switching and holding calls

When there’s an incoming call while you are currently on another call, click the center button to hold the current call and answer the new call.

Click and hold the center button for at least 2 seconds to hang up and return to the former conversation.

5. Skip current song or Play next song

To play the next song on your playlist, simply click the center button twice.

6. Return to previous song

You can achieve this by clicking the center button thrice.

7. Fast forward a song

Get this done by clicking the center button twice and hold on the second press till you reach the preferred point on the song.

8. Rewind a song

Simply click the center button three times and hold on the third click.

9. Take a picture

Launch your camera app and click the volume up (+) button

10. Activate Siri

Click and hold the center button till Siri launches. This is only available to iPhone 4S users though.

There you have it, some iPhone earphones tricks we know.

Got any iphone earphones tricks we didn’t mention that you have to share? Please do so in the comments. Teach us.

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