Friday, April 19, 2024
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This Brilliant Nigerian Man Has Created a Machine that Can Smell Explosives

Oshi Agabi a Nigerian, has created a computer based on mice neurons that has been trained to recognize the smell of explosives and could be used to replace traditional airport security.


With all the major tech firms, from Google to Microsoft, looking to create artificial intelligence modelled on the human brain, this invention is a breakthrough.

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He launched his start-up Koniku over a year ago, has raised $1m (£800,000) in funding and claims it is already began making major profits.

Koniku Kore, the computer, is an amalgam of living neurons and silicon, with olfactory capabilities. Basically sensors that can detect and recognize smells.

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Oshi envisages a future where such devices can be discreetly used at various points in airports, eliminating all the hustle and queues to get through airport security.

Besides being used for bomb detection, the device could be used to detect illness by sensing markers of a disease in the air molecules that a patient gives off. This may eventually help prevent any diseases from overwhelming a patient and allow for fast discovery and recovery.

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