iPhone 8 launch: It’s happening on September 12. See details


Alas! The iPhone 8 launch date is September 12!

The “Big A”, Apple have confirmed that through an invitation sent to several media and press that the next Apple Conference is happening on September 12, 2017

iPhone 8 launch date
iPhone 8 launch date

As the invitation above reads, Apple will be unveiling the new iPhone and other things that innovations at the Steve Jobs Theater. The theater, should you be reminded, is the biggest theater in Apple’s new campus located in Cupertino, California. The theater is 20 foot tall and has accommodating capacity of 1,000 seats

Apple Inc. will be using the iPhone 8 to celebrate the iPhone’s 10th year anniversary. Yeah, it has been 10 years long since Steve Jobs, the “Father of Apple” as some do call him, unveiled the first iPhone ever in an Apple event in San Francisco.

Though there are still some reports going round that Apple may not unveil the iPhone 8 at the Cupertino event. Some say the next iPhone will surely be unveiled at the event, but it won’t be the iPhone 8. There are even reports suggesting that three different iPhone will be unveiled at Apple’s September 12 conference – an iPhone 7S, a 7S Plus and the iPhone 8.

However, this date conforms with a Mac4Ever rumour we earlier reported that the Apple conference where the next iPhone will be unveiled will come up on September 12. Mac4Ever further went on to state that the next iPhone could possibly be up for pre-order 3 days after the September 12 conference and proper sales should begin a week after pre-order. That’s September 15 and September 22 respectively.

The iPhone 8 is expected to come with top-level features like wireless charging, an OLED display, facial unlocking, Iris scanner and probably, but unlikely, lack a home button. With a widely rumoured price tag of $1,000, the iPhone 8 could likely cost more but the iPhone 7 and 7S would definitely come at

Other gadgets to be unveiled at the new Apple’s home in Cupertino include a new version of the Apple Watch which will come with exciting features that we will get to see in less than 12.

So, those who heeded to our advice where we warned any one wanting to use the latest iPhone to wait a few days will appreciate this development.

What your take on the iPhone 8 launch date?