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Again! Michael Ugwu, former CEO of iROKING in another scandal

We can confirm that Michael Ugwu is no longer the CEO of iROKING and has left the company. He was dismissed earlier this month with immediate effect for gross misconduct.

These were words from an official statement by iROKING in 2013, when it was confirmed that the then CEO Michael Ugwu has been fired from the company for building a similar digital platform (Freeme digital)  to that of iROKING. See below.

It came to light that, whilst under contract and salary of iROKING, Michael Ugwu set up and launched his own digital music platform, in direct competition with iROKING. This is an unequivocal breach of the robust non-compete and confidentiality clause he signed when he joined the iROKO team .”

Michael Ugwu

Well, fast forward to 2017, Michael Ugwu is now general manager for Sony Music West Africa. In a series of tweets, fast rising Nigerian artiste, Ycee has accused him of “fraud” too. A replay of the 2013 saga,  you might say.

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We believe that there is a great similarity between the type of service SONY offers, and that Michael’s company (Freeme digital) does too. Both are online digital music distribution companies.

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If the issue with Jason Njoku of Iroko is put into consideration, we might be forced to conclude that this is becoming a pattern for Michael Ugwu. Is it his personal philosophy to leverage other people’s companies to build his own? Because as in 2013, this could be exactly what he is doing with SONY music and Freeme digital.


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Could this be what Ycee meant when he tweeted this below?


And He even called his company “slavery digital”.


Daniel Anuoluwapelumi Moses
Daniel Anuoluwapelumi Moses
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