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Instagram will now allow you view stories on mobile web and desktop

Image credit: TheVerge
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Instagram stories mobile web and desktop support arrives!

You remember when the Stories features launched on Instagram about a year ago and quite a lot of people roared and booed Instagram for copying SnapChat? Well, now, aside the fact that according to this report, Instagram stories is doing way better than the whole of SnapChat, a newly released innovation from Instagram as regards its stories feature may further piss off more SnapChat loyalists.

Instagram have announced that web users of the photo and video sharing platform will now have the ability to view status updates of other users; be it a photo stories update or video. By web users, Instagram means desktop and mobile web users. Simply put, users who access their Instagram accounts without the app.

The Instagram stories on web will be the same as the mobile app version but only with a little difference. On desktop and mobile web, you won’t be able to tap and swipe left or right to view next or previous story update as the navigations have been modified on the new web status.

On the web version of Instagram stories, Instagram captions, swiping and tapping have been replaced with left and right arrows to help web users view stories.

Instagram stories mobile web and desktop
Image credit: TheVerge

Don’t get too excited yet if you are web user of Instagram, there a “but”. Instagram has made it possible for you to view stories “but” you can’t upload yours. Be it a photo or a video, you cannot upload either.

While some news outlets have reported that Instagram will make provisions for web upload of photo and video status, TheVerge have been able to confirm that Instagram has no plans to allow users upload photos or stories from the web/desktop.

The web stories feature have officially started rolling out to users all across the world. You can log in to your Instagram account (type in www.instagram.com in your mobile or desktop browser) to see if the stories tab have been activated for your account. If it hasn’t, you just have to wait and exercise some patience – everyone is getting a piece of the pie!

What do you think of the new Instagram stories mobile web and desktop support? Do you think the Instagram stories mobile web and desktop version will outdo the in-app stories?

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