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Here are Nine Business Models You Can Attempt if You’re Unsure of Where to Start

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Sometimes coming up with a business idea, or at least a way to generate money can be difficult. You may want to have a unique approach. Maybe you want to look at your options before embarking on making your business happen. Either way, here are nine business model ideas that can give you a push in the right direction.

  1. Affinity Club: Pay Royalities to some large organization for the right to sell your product exclusively to their customers. Example: MBNA
  2. Brokerage: Bring together buyers and sellers, charging a fee per transaction to one or another party. Example: Jumia
  3. Bundling: Package related goods and services together. Example: iPod/iTunes
  4. Crowdsourcing; Get a large group of people to contribute content for free in exchange for access to other people’s content. Example: YouTube
  5. Freemium: Offer basic services for free, charge for premium services. Example: Linkedln.  
  6. Leasing: Rent rather than sell high-margin, high-priced products. Example: Cars
  7. Pay as you Go: Charge for actual metered usage. Example: Electric Companies
  8. Subscription: Charge a subscription fee to gain access to service. Example: Showmax
  9. Product to Service: Rather than sell the product, sell the service that the product performs. Example: Zip Car
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