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PING!, the Uber of Senegal is also Trying to Make the Country More Green

by Shera
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In Senegal, there are approximately 3 vehicles per 100 people. Whilst it is true that there are currently over 25,000 cabs in Dakar alone, public transportation remains a hassle as potential customers always find themselves in situations where pricing is left to the mood of the taxi driver. What if this country is new to you? Patrons are often charged exuberant prices for no reason. Ping! attempts to eliminate the confusion.

The alternative fuel taxi project aims to change the traditional face of Dakar taxis and make them make cheaper, cleaner, and safer.

Ping! contributes to the modernization of the old taxi park of the Senegalese capital, to the fight against pollution which asphyxiates and above all, gain market share. These are the reasons that led Adam Martel Brown to create Ping!, an alternative fuel company, a mixture of ethanol and petroleum. The cars of the company will be hybrid, therefore less polluting, and will consume 50% to 75% less fuel than the others.

This would incredibly improve the level of pollution in Dakar.  There is almost implacable evidence; the Senegalese capital faces a serious danger due to air pollution. Pollution marked by poor air quality, aggravated by urban mobility, where polluting vehicles have a right to the city. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), the rate of micrograms in air in Dakar is 141 m3. This is 7 times higher than the WHO limit.

Getting on the taxi segment isn’t easy. In Dakar, this market is already overheating, to the point that the issuance of operating licenses is now frozen by the government. Adam Brown and his teams know it perfectly. In order to make a difference, he places himself on a service offer that is decidedly different from what has been done on the market in terms of comfort, safety and tariffs.

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