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3 cryptocurrencies that are worth more than the Bitcoin


Simply put, Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. Currencies you can’t see but can exchange for the ones you can see and actually spend – physical and electronic cash.

Over the last couple of years, the popularity and acceptance of cryptocurrencies have snowballed, and it still very much looks like it holds a promising future as prices have been hitting the sky particularly over the last two years. Cyptocurrencies have numerous uses but is majorly bought and sold as a business and this business of cryptocurrency sales have made a lot of people richer.

But there’s usually a misconception about cryptocurrency. Whenever the term is mentioned, most people often attribute it to mean “Bitcoin” only. Most people even see Bitcoin as the most expensive and valuable cryptocurrency out there. But is that totally true? Well, it’s not.

While Bitcoin is valued high, with a worth as high as $4,400 for a single unit, it isn’t the only cryptocurrency (in fact, there are about a thousand of them), neither is it the most valuable. These three (3) cryptocurrencies below have values higher than the popular Bitcoin. Let’s have a look at them and their respective values.

1. Bit20

Bit20 (pronounced Bit-Twenty) is one of the few cryptocurrencies that is worth more than the Bitcoin. Bit20 has the symbol BTWTY and a selling price of $228,258 per single unit. In other words, having a single Bit20 is equivalent to owning 50 Bitcoin.

Bit20 has a market cap of $231,910 and unlike Bitcoin, it is not mineable. Learn more about the Bit20 on the official website www.bittwenty.com

2. 42 Coin

This is another cryptocurrency that outweighs the Bitcoin in terms of worth and price. A unit of the 42 Coin costs about $9006.17. More than twice the size of a Bitcoin. Like the Bitcoin, 42 coin is mineable but the process takes much more time than it takes to mine the Bitcoin.

One interesting fact about the 42 coin that makes it promising is the rarity of the cryptocurrency. Another one is that transactions made with 42 coin are faster. It takes a maximum of 42 seconds for a transaction made with 42 coin to be confirmed. And no matter how much is mined, the maximum number of 42 coin that will exist has been capped at 42. Now you can see where the currency’s name was derived.

Here’s the link to the cryptocurrency official website – www.42-coin.org

3. Project-X (NANOX)

This is yet another cryptocurrency that trumps the Bitcoin. It is worth $136,161 (about 30 times the Bitcoin) and mostly traded with symbol NANOX. The market cap of this cryptocurrency is not known at the moment and it is also not mineable.


P.S: Prices of the cryptocurrencies above were reported as it were when this piece was concocted. Prices, values, worth and market caps are subject to change over time.