WhatsApp adds floating video calls window feature in latest update, but there is a catch


Some time ago, we had posted an article that talked about this feature in the testing phase. Normally, new features from WhatsApp are first launched into the beta app for testing before they are introduced into the stable version of the chat platform.

Luckily, the floating window feature has now graduated into the stable version of WhatsApp after weeks of testing. The new feature will allow users to continue enjoying video calls even after they exit the WhatsApp app. That is, a floating window will allow the call to continue even after the user jumps into another app. This can be quite useful, for instance, you can set a reminder on the calendar app to keep up with plans made via the video calls and many more use cases.

The catch however is that the new feature uses the Picture-in-picture functionality introduced in the latest Android 8.0 Oreo. This means that only devices that have been updated to Oreo will have access. Unfortunately, only a handful of them have that luxury right now. Even worse, many users stand the risk of never having their gadgets never updated to Oreo at all. Hopefully the WhatsApp team comes up with a work-around to enable other android versions to join in on the fun.