Marriott Hotels Launch TestBED Accelerator in Middle East and Africa


Marriott Hotels has launched its TestBED programme for the first time in the Middle East and Africa.

First launched by Marriott Hotels across Europe in 2016, TestBED is a 10-week accelerator programme that gives startups the opportunity to test their products within an operating Marriott Hotel in a major city.

The programme is open to seed and early stage startups with products or services that are ready to pilot in a live hotel environment. It offers startups the opportunity to gain worthwhile feedback from guests and associates to help further develop and perfect their product.

Participating startups are hand-picked in an effort to uncover those that can revolutionize a guest’s stay, reinventing the hotel experience throughout the region. Those selected will also be offered mentoring and global exposure.

Ready to shape the future of travel and hospitality? Is your startup developing a product or service, which can enhance in-room experience of hotel guests, transform their stay and help them achieve a relaxed state of mind? Apply now to join the TestBED accelerator programme with the opportunity to test your offering at Marriott Hotels.

Learn more or submit an application here –

Submission deadline is on October 4, 2017