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Nokia 9 leaks, has bezel-less curved AMOLED display and dual Carl Zeiss camera

by Dennis Mathu
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Nokia made a return with HMD, they initially released mid-range smartphones, Nokia 3, 5 and 6. The company recently dipped its toes into the flagship realm with the Nokia 8.  The 8 might find a tough time competing with the other flagship phones which pack modern full screen displays and waterproof bodies. Well it seems things will change with the introduction of the upcoming Nokia 9 according to the new rumor.

It has been said that the Nokia 9 will have edge to edge, bezel-less display thanks to a curved AMOLED screen. The back is curved as well to make a seamless and ergonomic design. The rear shows a shiny copper-gold reflection which means it might be made of glass.

On the back you get a dual camera, but since this is a Nokia flagship, the premium Carl Zeiss lens have been utilized. Chances are that one camera will be a monochrome like they did on the Nokia 8, but we will inform you once everything is confirmed. The screen details are inconsistent as well, some expect a 5.3 inch while others put it at 5.5 inches.

The processor is definitely going to be the Snapdragon 835 since its successor is yet to get into the market. Water and dust resistance will be supported this time round. Finally, the price has been said to be 750 euros which is significantly cheaper than the new iPhone X, LG V30 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, so that might work in Nokia’s favor.

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