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Asusu Launches To Digitise Cooperatives In Nigeria

by Christie Uzebu
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ASUSU is a technology platform digitalizing the old village savings and loans systems also known as a cooperative.

The asusu platform helps provide cooperators with online easy access to their savings and loans, helps transfers loan request from the cooperative to the cooperators, provide access to merchants for installment payments of goods purchased and also helping them build credit score so as to achieve financial inclusion for low income earners and informal business people who us the village savings and loan scheme.

It also helps cooperative administrators manage data, process and disburse loans faster and provide them with more detailed information about the cooperative activities eliminating the old manual way of providing this solution

According to the founders, “we have created a unique algorithm that helps these group of people who have been excluded from financial services, a problem we like to believe the conversational banking sector has refused to address.

Through the platform, cooperatives and cooperators can view track and manage their savings and loans and deductions.

With the asusu card and wallet, members of cooperatives can gain access to multiple merchants online and offline and buy goods and services with installmental payment plans

They are also able to transfer money to members with ease once loans have been approved, saving time and money.

Refining traditional cooperatives by bringing online is a great Idea that would make collective saving a lot easier.

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