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Forget copy-paste; Gmail will now have clickable phone numbers, map addresses and emails

If you have ever gotten a number sent to you via Gmail, you have most likely been forced to do copy-paste in order to interact with it. Most apps including popular ones like WhatsApp also force the user to go through that extra step. Only few SMS apps have been made intelligent enough to recognize actionable addresses and numbers and from today, Gmail will be joining them.

All numbers and addresses will be highlighted in blue to show that they are actionable. Clicking on phone numbers will take you to the dailer app, map addresses will take you to the exact location on your maps app and email IDs will direct you to composing one. This feature is long overdue considering that Google has it’s own dedicated apps for all the three actionable items. They even have an upcoming app called Google Lens that is able to identify and save phone numbers straight from a business card, save dates from an event poster and much more.

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Dennis Mathu
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