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SMELP is Providing SMEs with Affordable Legal Services

by Christie Uzebu
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For small businesses looking out for affordable legal services, SMELP is providing just that.

SMELP, an acronym for Small to Medium Enterprises Legal Partnerships is a firm that provides legals services for SMEs.

Founded in November 2016, the law startup is dedicated to partnering with startups from their eureka moment to their imminent growth.

According to the founder, “SMELP is not your traditional law firm, we are your legal partners. The aim is to grow, as you grow.”

“We do not offer just legal services, we offer a partnership, a collaboration between SMEs and our network of high profile investors, business analysts, consultants and branding agencies.”

Since launch, SMELP’s clientele list already boasts of some high-profile organisations — especially in the fintech space. They include, Seedstars World, Invoizpaid, and Quick Check.

This enviable portfolio is what the founder of SMELP banks on. He considers it as a remarkable feat that’ll give them an edge and help to make clients prefer them to competitors.


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