This Startup is Helping Students Make Intelligent University Choices


For many prospective undergraduates looking to sit for the compulsory JAMB exams, they lack enough facts and sometimes do not get guidance when it comes to making an informed decision on university and career choice.

University Compass was launched on April 27, 2017, by Seunla Osinowo to fill in as guide that would help Nigerian university prospects make intelligent university choices bases on their criteria.

According to the founder the web based platform uses a citeria based University search, which is an improvement on all existing applications in Nigeria. “We have created a university selection system that tells students and parents what university to send their wards based on their criteria. We are Nigeria’s first university search engine & course selection guide application”.

The platform provides users with information about Nigerian Universities, and helps them in comparison and selecting a University.

Beyond the University Search University Compass provides student with Resources to guide them not only through school but through their career path providing them with the necessary information students need at every stage.

It’s not only useful to University Prospects, but also to both parents/guardians. They are also provided with information they need to guide their children through their career path. This, according to the founder, would prevent instances of a child studying engineering and midway he wants to quit to study computer science.

In his words, “we provide students with information about various courses available in Nigerian Universities and Career Opportunities from studying each course”.

“We believe a number of undergraduates are struggling in their academics because they are studying courses they aren’t interested in.”

This is laudable idea that would help to improve the educational system.