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Social Media today: Taxify and their email marketing strategy

So yesterday, twitter was awash with whole lots of tweets which were aimed at “Uche from Taxify”. Apparently, the cab hailing platform has been doing some rigorous email marketing and it isn’t going down too well with users. So they came for the head of a particular “Uche” for spamming their mailbox.

However, knowing how important marketing via email can be for a tech company like Taxify, we cannot blame them.

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Now back to Taxify. No doubt, sending these marketing emails every day could pass as spam. Users, at some point won’t even bother to open them anymore. I have a load of emails that I do not open, or even trash. Tayo Oviosu does too.

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Well, as for Taxify, we were wondering if spamming customer’s mail boxes would affect their user base, or they just ended up getting a better publicity?


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See tweets below:

After this, we do expect Taxify to review their marketing strategy. Uber to react also, but we don’t know how.

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