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Test: iPhone 8 Plus has the longest battery life of any iPhone ever made

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iPhones never used to be known for their battery life, it was only average at best.  However, since the Plus variants came along, the future seemed brighter. Last year, the famous YouTuber by the name Michael Fisher praised the iPhone 7 Plus battery to the extent that he left the display back-light timeout disabled. Apple had outdone itself, but this year, it has pushed that endurance even further.

In a test done by PhoneArena, the new 8 Plus has 25% more longevity than the 7 Plus. It attained 10hrs 35min in their battery life test. In comparison, the iPhone 7 only had 6hrs 46min, iPhone 8 had 8hrs 37min and the 7 Plus has 9hrs 5min. These numbers put the new device at over 1hr extra in battery performance. Even more interesting, the time it takes to charge the 8 Plus is now lesser compared to the 7 Plus, that is, 178 minutes versus 197 minutes respectively.

Battery test from PhoneArena


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What makes this result so amazing is the fact that the 8 Plus comes with a smaller battery size than all previous Plus variants, which is ironic considering that the phone is the biggest and heaviest device (202g) ever made by Apple. These physical anomalies could be attributed to the use of glass construction over the previous metal variants.

The longer battery is achieved due to the new Apple A11 chip that comes with a battery frugal 10nm technology. Optimizations in the new iOS 11 are also contributing to more juice time as well. We are looking forward to the battery test of the iPhone X once it starts hitting the market, it has the same specifications as the iPhone 8 Plus apart from the Full Screen OLED display, it will be interesting to see how that will affect battery life, if at all.

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