Clearing some misconceptions about the iPhone X Face ID technology


When the iPhone X was unveiled at the Steve Jobs theatre on September .., one of the many features that caught most people’s attention (followed by the over $1000 price tag) was the Facial recognition feature which Apple stated was for device unlock and purchase verification on Apple Pay and other supported third-party applications or platforms.

While a sizeable portion of smartphone users all across the globe saw the good side of this innovation, a large chunk managed to see the ‘supposed’ fault of the Face ID technology. On several social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter, the iPhone X was the subject of uncountable memes for several weeks for two reasons – the $1,150 retail price and the Face ID.
It is in this light that TechMoran brings concocted this piece to clear some misconceptions about the Face ID feature of the iPhone X.

1. Someone can unlock your iPhone X while you are asleep

Point blank, this belief is sheerly false. One of the many facts of the iPhone X that many have ignorantly turned a blind eye to is the fact that for the Face ID to unlock your device, your eyes have to be opened. The Face ID feature uses something known as “Attention Awareness” before and during the facial unlock process. This means you have to be active and be looking directly at your iPhone X to achieve successful unlock. This therefore nullifies the untrue conception that “your partner can unlock your device while you are wide asleep. Apple confirmed this in her recently released Face ID security guide.

2. Fashion accessories and wearables can alter Facial recognition process.

This is yet another misconstrued belief many have as regards the Apple Face ID technology. This, however have been overruled in the Face ID security guide that was released in September. Quoting Apple, “Face ID is designed to work with hats, scarves, glasses, contact lenses and many sunglasses”. “Furthermore, it’s designed to work indoors, and even in total darkness.”, Apple continues.

3. Shaving or Growing beard may affect Facial unlock process

Yet another lie. Many are of the opinion that the iPhone X’s Facial unlock system functions based on one single picture or based on the particular picture that the Face ID was setup. Sadly, that is totally a wrong assumption. To simply things, I would say the iPhone X’s facial unlock system is adaptive. The Face ID system adjusts itself, functions in line with changes (maturity changes for example) on the users face and subsequently updates the stored information about the user’s facial features like shaving or growing beard. This means the Face ID system grows as you grow and age.