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LG V30 beats iPhone 8, Galaxy S8 and Note 8 in battery life tests.

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Many people prefer longer battery life to slim devices, but when a manufacturer achieves both on the same device, it is not a mere feat. LG V30 is slimmer than most flagship phones it competes with yet it managed to have better battery endurance than them.

The V30 made headlines when it launched with a camera that had the widest aperture size in smartphone history (f/1.6 , the smaller the “f” number the bigger the aperture). However, when reviews were published, they were marked as “previews” this was because the early models were running on preproduction software. This caveat meant that things like battery life tests were not conducted since they would be inconclusive. Reviewers did not have high hopes for the battery life due to past experiences with LG flagships, they all had average endurance at best, the V30 has finally broken the curse.

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Battery test results

According to tests done by PhoneArena, the V30 single-handedly beats all 2017 Android flagship models with 9h 34min and even goes after the iPhone 8 (8h 37min) as well. The Galaxy Note 8 which used to be the reigning champ in previous tests performed so poorly (7h 50 min) that it was outdone by its Galaxy S brothers. Perhaps Samsung is playing too safe with the battery after the Note 7 fiasco.

LG V30 has a battery that is only 100mAh bigger than its predecessor the V20 which achieved an embarrassing 6h 23min on the same test. Credit for the new record score could be given to the energy efficient Snapdragon 835, Android 7 nougat and optimizations to LG’s custom interface.

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