Google Play Store will now let you “try” apps before downloading them

Ever been curious about an app and hoped that you could test drive it before committing your money, data bundles and phone storage ? Well, Google will now let you do exactly that.

A new update to the Google Play store will let you use an app before downloading it. This technology is made possible by Instant Apps. With this technique, an app is divided into small pieces that can be accessed without having to download the whole package. A button labeled “Try it Now” will denote apps with this feature. Initially, the Instant Apps were meant for people who want to use a certain functionality in a particular app without needing the other services bundled in. For instance, you could book a hotel room by tapping into that feature in the Trip Advisor app, once done, the app disappears.

With the Play Store update , you can test apps by streaming chunks of their interface the same way you browse pages on the internet. This could be useful in deciding which premium apps are worth your money or which large games are worth your data bundles.

At the moment, only a few apps can be “tried”, they include Hollar, Skyscanner, BuzzFeed, Onefootball Live, Red Bull TV, dotlooop, ShareThe Meal, and The New York Time Crossword Puzzle. Google already released the technology to the public and it will be a matter of time before more apps are added.

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