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Here are some reasons why we may never get to see a smartphone with pure “Full-View” display

Over the last couple of months (and years), numerous smartphone manufacturers have been trying and pushing so hard to cut down the size of bezels on their devices and have the highest screen-to-body ratio – all in the pursuit of a “Full View” display.

I’m not sheerly ruling out the possibility of a device with a pure Full-View display happening in the future but the following reasons are why I think it may never actualize.

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Will be Selfie Camera be killed?

In the journey of smartphone makers trying to create a device with only the screen occupying the front’s real estate, several changes have been made to the selfie camera. For example, we grew up seeing our selfie cameras above the screens of our phones, but now the secondary camera is being moved to the bottom on some smartphones like the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and Doogee Mix.

The Doogee Mix secondary camera moved to the bottom right corner to give more room for the display

Truly, this helped increase the screen-to-body ratio of the devices (Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, 83.6%; Doogee Mix, 76.24%) but to achieve a 100%, the selfie (or secondary) camera, amongst other things, has to be eliminated. However, given how important the secondary camera have evolved to become the most important optic sensor on a smartphone in this era of selfies, social media (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc) and other technological advancements, I see no smartphone manufacturer having the gumption to eliminate selfie cam. It is one helluva important component that makes up the smartphone.

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Xiaomi moved the selfie camera to the bottom of the screen on the Mi Mix 2 but still, body ratio was 83.6%.

Essential Mobile seem to be the only brand that have handled the front camera situation pretty well by neatly cutting out a panel or frame from the display to embedded the selfie cam.

The neatly cut-out panel for the Selfie camera on the Essential Phone PH 1.

With the selfie camera still maintaining its “normal” and usual position at the front of any device, we may never get to see a 100% screen-to-body ratio or a pure Full-View display smartphone.

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Proximity sensor

When the Bezel-less and end-to-end display craze started, some changes smartphone manufacturers have successfully made to their devices include relocating the fingerprint sensor from the front to the rear and killing the home button. But from a realistic point of view, I see no smartphone maker successfully removing the proximity sensor nor placing it elsewhere other than the front. Perhaps they could somehow find a way to embed it in the screen (Yeah, this sounds quite impossible too).

A smartphone with a pure Full-View display and a 100% screen-to-body ratio is something I definitely will break my piggy bank for. But will there ever be one?

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