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3 usage habits that harm your smartphone more than you think

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As smartphone users, they are certain things we ignorantly do with/to our devices that does more good than harm to them. Some we know, some, we don’t. The 3 below are some common things we do daily that quietly kills our smartphone faster than we can imagine.

Using substandard or low-quality accessories

Many phone companies, engineers and enthusiasts have recommended that using the accessories that comes out of the box with any smartphone is the best practice to keep your phone safe. However, daily practices like using accessories (like chargers) that are subpar or not made for your device is doing more harm than the good (keeping your smartphone on).

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So, next time you forget your charger at home, you might want to reconsider using that of your colleague at work. Because accessories have been engineered specifically to work perfectly with the device they come with.

Frequently draining your battery to 0%, and charging back to 100%

“TRY to avoid going from 0 to 100 percent whenever possible”

While encouraging frequent charge of your phone batteries, Shane Broesky, co-founder of a renowned charging accessories manufacturing company, Farbe Technik, warned against totally draining the juice of your battery before recharging it. Read his words with DigitalTrends below.

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“Try to avoid going from 0 to 100 percent whenever possible, this will start to break down your battery and give your device a shorter lifespan.”

Frequent use of phone cases

“Giving your smartphone case some time off is Good. But guess what seem even better – not using them at all”

Agreed, there are some users out the who really need the services of a phone case given how frequent there drop their devices. However, as stated clear cut in this piece, your phone case is killing your smartphone.

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Phone cases generate heat which adds up to the inherent heat already produced by your device. This goes a long way in reducing your battery’s life span and also, decide performance. Giving your smartphone case some time off is good. But guess what seem even better – not using them at all.

If you should use a phone case (probably for beautification or protection purposes), try sourcing for the ones made with less thicker materials (they conduct less heat) or you could opt for special types of insulating phone cases from any online or offline accessory store.

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