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Why you do not need a bezel-less smartphone {at least for the time being}

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As earlier stated in this article where we listed some rationale behind why a completely bezel-less smartphone with 100% screen-to-body ratio may be impossible and why we may never get to see one (at least not anytime soon), well, we still strongly stand by our belief and here are more reasons why we still hold the same opinion and why you probably don’t need to buy one… for now, or never.

…consider this a sequel.

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Accidental clicking/pressing

When we hold our smartphones or grip them, there is a 99.9% chance our hands (fingers and palm) will, one way or another, touch the bezels. Now imagine if there are no bezels at all, what to do? Place our phones on our palms like a palm top computer because we do not want other fingers asides the thumb controlling the screen?

Whenever (or if) smartphone designers and engineers finally get to create that device with no bezels at all and there manages to be no production flaw, I’m pretty certain that cases of accidental touch or operations will tire most people out of using them (talk about “usage flaw”).

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The only solution I see in sight on the part of the pure bezel-less smartphone user is placing the thumb and other fingers (except the index finger of course) completely at the side of the device and carefully scrolling and operating the screen using one finger and without others interrupting (which seem and sound too much of a task by the way).

Still, that would only be impactful if the screen isn’t a curved 2.5D or 3D screen that blends neatly into the side of the smartphone. Else, accidental touches and scrolling will still occur, as in the case of many Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S7 edge users who complained about such problems on their devices.

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This prospective problem of accidental touches could of course be reduced to a great extent by using phone cases but ugh!, why would anyone want to cover up the beauty that reeks out of the appearance and aesthetic of a super fine and ultra sleek bezel-less phone with a phone case? Why?

Increased risk of fragility

“Bezels offers protection to a device’s display to a very reasonable extent (same way a frame protects a painting on a paper, and even adds to the beauty)”

(Nearly) Bezel-less smartphones are super pricey! Example smartphones like the Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Essential PH-1, LG V30 and many others, do not cost any less than half a thousand dollar!

Not sure if anyone’s noticed but bezels offers protection to a device’s display to a very reasonable extent (same way a frame protects a painting on a paper, and even adds to the beauty). There have been times when my phone have gone against the hard surfaces (and objects) and the bezels and edges came to the rescue by reducing the impact of the fall effect against the screen; while suffering tiny scratches and cracks by the way. But hey, my screen’s intact!

Imagine if the screen were to be very close to the edge (or is on the edge). You sure don’t wanna know how much it would cost to replace the screen of any smartphone way above the $500 mark do you?

Trust me, that smartphone with bezels can do pretty much what a bezel-less one can. It’s all about what’s on the inside.

But hey, if you’ve got the money (to replace damaged screens and body parts), and you can deal with the accidental touches during usage, you are good to go. Try it out for the fun of it. But if you don’t, a bezel-less device isn’t something you break the bank for. And yes, it’s not worth the headache too.

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