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Security is more than an SSL Certificate: Ensure Your Customers are Truly Who They Claim to Be

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Every business owner, small time or big, struggles to stay ahead of technology issues. Chief among them is securing the data they have and the transactions they make. Forbes said, “Welcome to your next business-related hurdle. With the knowledge that a misstep in this area could cost you the race, payment education is imperative.”

If you understand what’s involved with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certification, you may know more than you want to know. But, security takes more than an SSL Certificate although it’s a good place to start.

SSL is the world standard for setting up an encrypted link between your web server and a browser. According to, “This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.”

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SSL authentication verifies a person as a user, and it encrypts transmissions to and from the business website. This secures emails, private information, banking data, and more. It also assures transactions made by eCommerce businesses that depend so heavily on accuracy, security, and identity verification in their sales transactions.

Ensure your customers are truly who they claim to be

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In one-on-one transactions, you have the advantage of comparing the customer’s appearance with their photo ID. Such IDs can be falsified, but in person, you can watch for non-verbal cues, and even ask for additional proofs.

With an online business, it gets more complicated. Criminals can present themselves as stolen identities. And, they can steal customer stay from you. Either way, you’re the victim of fraud. It will cost you a lot to restore the data as well as your reputation.

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In some cases, you risk violation of compliance with Anti Money Laundering (AML), Data Protection Act of 1998, Know Your Customer (KYC), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and more. Failure to comply promises serious financial penalties.

To verify customer IDs in real time, you need the technology that asks a customer to scan a photo ID. The best products immediately analyze that image for known forgeries, image manipulation, and falsified holograms. That verification happens instantly.

Customers like facial recognition because it is intuitive, fast, and available on all platforms. Building trust between business and customer, ID verification becomes vital for businesses doing transactions across, languages, and compliance demands.

Without such security, you risk loss or prolong the customer process. And, stretching the customer wait time reflects badly on the business, creates customer questions about your security, and jeopardizes the purchase.

Ensure you ecommerce customers are who they say

Ralph Tkatchuk, writing for CIO, acknowledges the fears of major criminal hacks and counterattacks. But, he goes on to say, “The main threat will remain identity theft. Fraudsters… use a different identity and, for example, place an online order. Identity theft also includes a concept known as man-in-the-middle attacks where credit-card data is intercepted and copied as it is transferred online.” The threat has been growing exponentially.

For example, following the massive security breach into Equifax’s database, every name stolen is a potential fraudulent customer. Your business needs more than an SSL Certificate to ensure your customers are truly who they claim to be.

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