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Digital Transformation should be a priority for every organization

Ms Laura Chite CEO CIO East Africa presenting at the summit

Digital Transformation is one of the major task organizations need to consider. However, it is among the issues that are not clear to many organizations. At the seventh annual summit of CIO100 East Africa Symposium and Awards held at Enashipai Resort & Spa in Naivasha, Kenya the hot discussion was around the main theme of the event; Digital Transformation.

The summit brought together top business executives in East Africa who through their organizations are able to reach out to millions of people using technology in solving challenges.

According to Laura Chite, Chief Executive Officer CIO East Africa, digital transformation is the role an organization plays in ensuring the fast technology advancements are embraced so as to enhance the delivery of services to consumers by bringing the offered services closer and ensuring maximization of profits with respect to costs that are incurred in the process.

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It is basically the strategic infrastructure plans that entities put in place to ensure current technology is installed to improve the general performance.

“The benefits of digital transformation are priceless. Being disruptive, it has the ability and power to bring high value results for an organization in a short period of time. Corporations that develop their technology infrastructure stand a chance to improving sales and also through the feedback from the analytics,” Ms Chite cited.

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Other benefits she shared were that through digital transformation, the decision making process of the top level management in organizations has been made easier since the data and feedback the infrastructures provide acts as a guidance on what decisions should be considered and implemented. The transformation being agile and innovative it has boosted creativity in organizations by enabling corporations to try out different things. It also improves the levels of customer satisfaction. As a result of all this, conversion rates are improved and this is what is important and the main reason for existence of any business.

During her opening speech at the event which was graced to capacity, Ms Chite also came out clear on some of the steps that organizations should follow for them to achieve success in digital transformation.

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At first, company’s should understand its importance and the impact it has on the organizational goals then make it the first priority. As the top priority, it will have all the attention needed to ensure it build and updated to the current trends. Secondly, CIO’s should rely on the data analytics and interpret them accordingly as they act as business advisors. Lastly, to fully realize the potential of digital transformation organizations need to integrate the technology with its human resource.

James Musoba
James Musoba
Studying Africa's startup and technology scene. I always look forward to discovering new exciting inventions and vibrant entrepreneurs.

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