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Facebook and Messenger will now share the same content on Stories feature

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Previously, Facebook had a stories feature that was separate to Messengers Day feature. They both essentially worked the same way but a user had to post on them separately. More often than not, users would share similar stories content in both apps, the company realized this fact and they want to unify both features.

Starting today, Facebook has discontinued the Messenger Day feature, the texting app will now have the same stories with Facebook main app. This means that, when a user posts something on Facebook Stories feature, it will appear on Messenger Stories as well. Also, when you view a certain Story on say, Messenger, it will appear marked as watched on Facebook main app. This unification will greatly simply things, you only need to post once and watch something once on either platform.

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There are reports that the company might be bringing the same unification to Instagram as well, however, the difference is that Facebook stories will appear on Instagram but not vice versa. There is no confirmation about the same changes coming to Facebook-owned WhatsApp. It seems that the company has a plan to eventually share different features between all its major social apps.

We are curious to hear what you think about this move? Would you want all your Stories posts to be unified and appear in all the major social networking apps including WhatsApp? Would you want them to remain as they are? Sound your thoughts at the comment section below.

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