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Facebook Messenger to allow sending high-resolution 4K photos


Chatting apps such as Facebook Messenger usually compress the pictures you send so as to transmit them faster and save data. However, we are now living in the era of fast 4G internet and cheap data rates, so companies are making transitions as well.

Facebook Messenger announced that they will increase the resolution of photos delivered to recipients. Previously, the chat platform used to limit photos to a maximum resolution of 2K (20482048 pixels). After the announcement, they upped the resolution to 40964096 or 4K. This new resolution is approximately the 12MP, which is the preferred number for leading devices in the world such as Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8, iPhone 8, X and the current photography leader, the Google Pixel 2 and XL 2. This means that photos taken with any camera 12MP and below will be sent in their original resolution, uncompressed. In the photos below, you can the difference between the previous 2K and the new 4K photos.

The company also assured users that the photos will be sent “just as quickly as before”, this might be an indication that there is some complex compression magic going on, either way, speed is always appreciated.


The update will be rolling out to Apple iOS and Android devices in the coming weeks with users in US, Canada, France, Australia, UK, Singapore , Hong Kng, Japan and South Korea getting first priority.