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Brighter Monday website


Brighter Monday website

The days of going to every job interview in town are also almost over as automation and technology take over day to day processes and activities in the modern society.

Just as an example, firms have introduced audio and video CVs away from the proverbial printed CVs to save their time and money wasted on the recruitment process. Back in the day, recruiters wanted a job hunter to print as many CV copies as possible which ended up being dumped on their desks and trash bins unopened.

In some instances those CVs never reached the intended person and most HR executives and recruiters ended up suing them for other unworthy activities like cleaning their window panes or wrapping meat in them. To a job seeker, these turned into an intended rejection, dimming their hopes for a job at an organization even further.

BrighterMonday App has been designed to allow job seekers search for jobs and apply for them at a click of a button. Job seekers create a profile on the app, create a quick CV then apply for a job that matches their qualifications.

The job seeker can apply for a job while travelling, at work or even in bed. Job seeking doesn’t have to be a tedious process anymore. The BrighterMonday app also allows users to upload their CV from a computer or phone then apply for jobs in the app on the go.

The app saves the job hunters time and money because it has daily job alerts. Therefore one doesn’t need to buy dailies where jobs were mostly advertised. With an email or SMS alert, a job seeker chooses which job to apply for or not.

With the app, a job seeker can also get search other types of jobs already advertised by other firms or the same firm. There are plans to introduce a salary scale so that a job seeker can determine whether the job is whether their time or not. With a salary scale, one can choose whether tits worth it to leave their current positions or organizations for the other.

Employers can also track a job seekers employment history easily unlike back in the day when the CV didn’t even speak much about the job seeker. With the ability for an audio or video CV, a firm can determine a job seekers temperament or cultural fit in their organization. Personality tests have become so easy with video CVs.

With the internet, a job seeker can easily do a quick search to know who his or her workmates will be and to see if there is someone they know from their former organisations or schools. Social media also makes it easy to know the companies culture as well as its relatability to the current world or state of affairs. Social media could help a firm to hire a perfect fit than doing trial and error like back in the day. The online and social media reviews about companies matter a lot.

To bring the jobs closer to the talent firms are looking for, BrighterMonday has also invested heavily into social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most importantly, LinkedIn. Therefore from the app, one can see values even minus visiting them. The employer can also see the job seekers values minus inviting them for an interview.

Do you think technology is good or bad for recruiters and job seekers? Let us know what you think.