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Areedi lab is making products usability testing seamless and easy

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Products are being launched every now and then, people are also needed to test these products and see if they’re are market fit. While friends and family seem like a good fit for doing this, “people who love you aren’t always objective.”

Areedi is a usability lab that is building a database of potential testers who are interested in doing usability tests for their products. They have identified the need for proper usability test before the launch of any product, and have decided to create a dedicated platform to address this.

According to a medium post announcing the launch of Areedi, Uyai Umoren Effiong says, “I’m pleased to announce that the the Areedi team will be opening a mini usability lab in 2018. We want to be able to take away some of the awkwardness of finding users and asking them to test a product or service. It also helps teams who may not be as experience as we are with testing users.”

According to her, When a business or an individual requests a usability test, they’ll sort through their database to screen, select and schedule users.

“Sometimes teams have certain types of people or personas they want to test with — for example, moms or schoolteachers. We will try to accommodate this, especially as our database grows. The plan is to schedule 5–7 users for each usability test, since about 90% of issues can be identified with this number.

This is a very important announcement that’ll help our ecosystem, especially in the face of products being released on a daily. The Areedi lab would be opened in 2018. Visit their usability lab page to read more about how this works.

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