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5 AgriTech companies helping to achieve food security in Nigeria

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One of the Sustainable development goals set for the hear 2030 is “Zero hunger”. Well, before you can achieve zero hunger, you must have had food security to a very large extent. I must say I’m quite happy to see that some tech start-ups in Nigeria are taking up this mantle to help achieve this goal. Meet some of them.

1. Farmcrowdy

Given the lack of interest of most people, especially youths in agriculture because of the thought of picking up crude tools to work, Farmcrowdy has decided to make this very easy. With their platform, you can just sponsor a farm, sit back and relax as they in partnership with farmers, grow crops/livestocks and after selling them out, you get profits on your initial investment. How impressive?

Farmcrowdy is making a huge impact as they are not only creating wealth for citizens, they are also helping to achieve food security. So far, that have cultivated numerous hectares of land in different locations like Akwa ibom, Osun and others while having raised thousand of birds too for consumption. The more Farmcrowdy get to scale, the greater Nigeria’s chances of achieving food security.

2. Thrive Agric

The model of Thrive Agric is very similar to Farmcrowdy.

3. Kitovu

Kitovu is a mobile based inputs/produce supply system that uses soil and geolocation data to match soils to the right soil and crop specific fertilizers and improved seedlings, while connecting farm produce to offtakers. In all Kitovu is doing, very important is that they are helping to increase crop yields while reducing post harvest losses. This is a giant step to achieve food security.

4. Ajaoko

This AgriTech company has a simple, efficient, and a state of the art online food and agro marketing and capacity building platform. They provide opportunity for farmers to sell their products directly to the end users, and to have quick and easy access to inputs, investors, professional agro-based services, tailor-made training and latest research information communicated in a simple language consumable by everyone, even the rural farmers. All these services put together has a major impact on our security in the food aspect.

5. YesHarvest

YesHarvest logo

Nwosu Friday, founder YesHarvest once told us that their mission is to make it easy for people to eat healthy. They are an AgriTech company that delivers fruits and vegetables to consumers upon order. Consumer distribution is definitely part of food security and this is what this company is helping achieve.

In all, this is one more reason to appreciate the rapid rise of tech startups in Nigeria. They are helping us achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

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