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Nigeria’s patient-physician marketplace Doctoora wants to give patients easy access to doctors & health care facilities

A good number of Nigerian hospitals have very poor health facilities. This is so because it’s government spends little to buy and maintain health care facilities, and running and maintaining healthcare facilities is quite expensive for private practitioners. As a result, most Nigerians healthcare professionals leave the country in search of greener pastures and patience also travel abroad for better medical treatment.

A startup named Doctoora is here to solve all of this problems. The platform, which connects healthcare professionals to quality healthcare facilities and connecting healthcare consumers to pleasant healthcare experiences through its marketplace believes that providing tailored health education content is the first step to reducing the chances of its users falling sick.

“Your health is our concern and we want to give you access to everything you need to stay healthy,” says the team. Founded in 2016 by Dr Debo Odunlana, Dr. Beatrix Wu, Shakirah Saliu and Alecia Esson, Doctoora, allows access to quality healthcare service which they say is a right to every individual.

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Though the team is right behind Yapili, another startup in the same space. Doctoora believes in the potential of innovation and technology in leapfrogging the socioeconomic constraints faced by African Health Systems, towards achieving universal coverage.

“We view healthcare as a social good with great economic impact and recognize the importance of an holistic approach towards achieving and maintaining good health,” says Debo. “To this end, it is imperative that we adopt new care models and attempt to integrate our health and care services so, we are asking for your assistance with this.”

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Doctoora connects clients with health care professionals and available medical facilities, services and products around the country. The platform aims to make it easier and convenient to consult with a doctor or health professional whenever and wherever they are. The site’s major goal is to improve health care access and try to reduce the increasing migration of health workers from Nigeria seeking greener pastures abroad .

Also, the cost of setting up a private practice is very high and that has been a discouraging factor for healthcare professionals.

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The platform works simply. For example, if Dr. Tunde needs to see a patient in Lekki, he can log on to the Doctoora web portal and rent a clinic room with the necessary facilities for treatment. And if a patient wants a good medical practitioner, he or she can log on to Doctoora web portal and select from a pool of healthcare professionals.

Emmanuel Temidayo
Emmanuel Temidayo
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