Optimize your WiFi network for maximum performance with NetSpot WiFi analyzer


Wi-Fi networks are a key part of our modern lives, these networks keep us connected both at home and at work assisting us to conduct online duties with ease. Therefore, it is very important that they are built and maintained at optimal performance at all times. There are many tools available for working on WiFi but none of them rivals NetSpot when it comes to wireless site survey, analyzing and troubleshooting networks.

Intuitive user friendly interface

When it comes to software, the interface makes the first impression, luckily, with NetSpot WiFi analyzer, everything has been made so easy that you do not need to be a network expert to work with it. With just a few clicks, you can load your floor plan into the program, point to where you are and the analyses start immediately for the entire area.

Visualize your entire network

NetSpot WiFi analyzer lets you literally visualize your WiFi network. From there you can easily see the dead spots which do not have coverage and adjust them accordingly. The same can be done for wireless channels. Visualizing your network comes with further benefits of discovering rogue access points, channel interference, radio signals spilling outside your desired area and much more

Make wireless network planning easier

After loading a map and conducting wireless site survey, you can build a comprehensive heat map of your network. This information can help you determine the best spots to put up a new access point and sort out channels. NetSpot will even help you decide the most suitable locations to mount networking equipment down to the cables themselves.

Straight forward troubleshooting

NetSpot takes the guessing game out of a troubleshooting operation. The visualized networks will reveal whatever issues are present on your network such as finding sources of excessive noise and even wireless interference. Moreover, you will get automated advice sourced from professions on every issue that NetSpot PRO will highlight based on your network.


NetSpot WiFi analyzer runs on both Mac OS X (10.10+) and Windows (7 and above) computers. There is a free version that you can test run to see all the great benefits packaged in. In case you want more powerful features such as analyzing download – upload rates or wireless transmit rate, you can get them all in an affordable PRO version. Go ahead and dowanload the latest NetSpot WiFi analyzer today and instantly liberate your WiFi network to operate at its peak performance.