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Stay financially woke: A review of Cowrywise new savings app

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Cowrywise is a platform (now includes an app) that allows you to save automatically, right from your bank account. They are a real testament to how fintech is making life easy for everyone. With this, you do not have to worry about manual savings anymore, just set your goals, set amounts and periods and every other thing is automated.

On a lighter note, this is Fintech.

So, I downloaded the Cowrywise app to see how much work they have done. Lo and behold, they’ve done pretty much which goes to portray a dedicated and working team. Needless to say, I was impressed. Now, let’s see how much I wanted to save, and for what.

The size of the app is just a bit above 22mb. Moderate, yeah? Upon launch, I was welcomed with a few tips. See.


To sign up, the fewest informations are needed – name, email address and password. The boring long lists that requires address and many other irrelevant information are absolutely absent. Phone number and email address verifications are undergone. Yeah, both of them. Which is okay because, real customers.

Cowrywise app


So, up next, I was asked to create a periodic saving plan. And as you can see, I wanted to buy Elon Musk’s company. Haters would say it isn’t possible. The periodic plan would help you save daily, weekly or monthly (you’ll have to set this too), alongside the amount you want to save per time. my plan was to buy Tesla, how much do you think I’ll save daily? See below. (Everyone have their different goals).

What are your saving goals.

I want to buy Tesla Motors

Lock with or without interests (or don’t lock at all), start date, withdrawal date, were all shown (asked) next. As I don’t have N100,000,000 to save at the moment sobs in poorness, I set it for 4 years from now. Hoping on God’s wonders. You can set withdrawal dates too.

You are shown a comprehensive list of your transactions (like an account statement?)

Here’s a summary of the plan. Interest rate was set at 10% per annum, which is even great compared to savings accounts in banks.

Shows balance at every point too

Next up, card details (secured by Paystack, by the way). This was before I took a turn, to start the process again, and input realistic plans and numbers.


In all,

The cowrywise app looks good in terms of the interface, and feels good in experience. It is important for an app or website to have that. There are no much color contrasts, no TMI requirements, and navigation is easy. It was a job well done, and a win for the company. Check out the app too, and tell us your thoughts.

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