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35 Bizarre Argumentative Essay Topics

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We, humans, are blessed with extraordinary brains which tend to doubt and question almost everything. Some argue on illogicality with friends while the others debate on ethical and legal issues. Argumentative essays provide a valid argument which turns these human theories into facts. A writer who spends time in advancing their augment can never go unnoticed.

Experienced writers flourish their own principles to broaden clear delivery. The authenticity of any discussion depends on its source material. Simple arguments require a simpler approach while controversial matters may need plenty of sources files for backup. There are many custom writing services such as writing elites convert words to pages that may help you plan a perfect script. But if you want to try out your own skills, take a look at these 35 argumentative Essay Topics.

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How to Select Good Argumentative Topics For Essays?

Finding good topics for your combative essay isn’t impossible at all as long as you follow a number of important principles. Most of the argumentative essay topics are procumbent to prejudice. They have an unconscious goal to prove those facts which are already assumed. While writing an essay, it is important to understand and analyze both the sides. Always try to pick up a topic which is neutral to both sides and to which you are indifferent.

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics

There are many topics which are debated and argued on a daily basis. Most of these topics are banned from classrooms as they are to cliche. These topics are popular because they have a lot of source materials and are usually easy to find. If you have some fresh ideas on the matter, you can convince the readers and make them interesting. Some of the topics that can be picked up are:

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  • Should Guns Become Legal?
  • Should Marijuana Become Legal?
  • Should Abortion Become Legal?
  • Should Gay Marriage Become Legal?
  • Should the drinking age be lowered?

Topics When You Are In Middle school

Middle school is a period of transformation. Teachers in the school engage students in debate and arguments so that they can get an idea of high-school level writing. These assignments often display the candor of rules in school and alternative curriculums. There are a number of interesting argumentative topics for essays that can be brought up over breakfast with parents.

  • Should Schools Have Uniforms?
  • Should Teachers Assign Homework?
  • Is a Music or Sports Class Necessary?
  • Real school and homeschool.
  • Should the students be enrolled in Cooking Class?

Augmentative Topics When You Are in High School

Among the number of essays that students write in high school, the argumentative essays topics are the most rewarding. Here are some common argumentative essay topics for high school.

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  • Should Sex Education be induced in School Curriculums?
  • Should the schools ban Classical Literature Containing Offensive Language?
  • What Is The Biggest Invention of All Time?
  • Should Clothes Define Who You Are?

Topics For College Level

Did you know that the former US President Barack Obama was able to finish paying off his student loans in the second year of his presidency? These days the value of the college degrees are being questioned more than ever. The environment of educational institutions serves the basis for students to challenge numerous issues of contemporary life. College is the place where knowledge produces new ideas and encourage their development. Argumentative essay topics in the college need attention to the details of the contemporary life.

  • When Does Halloween Costumes Become Over-The-Top?
  • Should the Companies assemble Personal Data of Users?
  • Should Models be Too Skinny?
  • Are Schools right at Addressing Cyberbullying?
  • Should the School Newspapers be Reviewed Before getting Published?
  • Should the College fees depend on the Degree?

Argumentative Essay Topics By Category

Social Media

  • Do Smartphones Make People More Self-Centered?
  • Should People Be Dependent On Social Media?
  • Should Social Media Play an important role in Education?
  • Online Friends and Real Friends

TV, Movies, and Video Games

  • Are Hollywood Blockbusters That Bad?
  • Does Violent Video Games Affect Kids Badly?
  • What Makes a nice Children’s Cartoon?
  • Do Hollywood Films Encourage Certain Values?

Health, Science, and Technology

  • Are Anti-Smoking Ads disturbing or Effective?
  • Should Universities Stop Drinking among Students?
  • Should the Nuclear Weapons Development be Outlawed Internationally?
  • Should slowing aging with Science be Ethical?


  • What Do Countries incur Their Veterans?
  • What Are the basic and important Moral Responsibilities of Political Leaders?
  • Does the voting system in America Needs to Be Altered?

Ready to Hit the Paper?

Although we have mentioned few argumentative essay topics, there are a number of other topics that can be used and proved. The best way to write an essay that can convince the readers is to analyze and understand all the insights related to the topic and present your understandings on the same. If you are still staring at the blank page not knowing where to start, have best tools to convert your essays into a reading sensation. So pick your pens and get ready for an amazing writing experience.

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