Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 Review: Fast, feature packed, secure.


In today’s modern society, many aspects of daily life that used to be done in brick and mortar stores have moved online, for instance, bill payments, banking, shopping and more. As much as these online services have made our lives easier, they have also exposed us to many risks and bad intentioned people. So how can we continue enjoying online services on your PC while still remaining safe from malware? Look no further, Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 is the best solution.

User friendly user interface

Straight of the bat, the first thing that meets you after installing the software is the attractive and easy to use interface. The black background with white texts is easy on the eyes and a nice break from the pool of white background applications out there.
The huge wealth of features tucked into the software are easily accessible from a vertical menu on the left side of the interface with thoughtful icons symbols.
The home interface acts as a dashboard that informs you of any urgent actions that need to be taken, such as updating or scanning operations. It also acts as a quick access to key features such as AutoPilot mode, app, file and web protection. Let’s look at some of the features Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 has in store.


When you hear about an internet security solution, the first question that comes in mind is “How does it protect me while browsing websites online?” Apart from the standard firewall and password management features, what else do you get with Bitdefender Internet Security 2018?

Secure browsing and search results
With Bitdefender, protection starts from the moment you get search results even before you decide which website to open. The solution tells you if your search results are safe to access. In the case of known offenders, those links are blocked entirely from your results.

Anti – fraud protection
Let’s say that you do not use search results and instead, you just key in the URL of a website you found written somewhere. Bitdefender will warn you if that website has scamming intentions such as money loan schemes, indecent content and more. The same protection spread to links you get via social media.

Webcam protection
Internet goes past the browser into apps that access online services such as video calls. Nowadays, bad intentioned people can hack your webcam and leak your pictures and videos online. Other internet solutions only let you turn the webcam access on or off, but with Bitdefender, you can whitelist trustworthy apps and allow them to use the webcam, such as Skype, and block all others.

We have all found spam emails with links in our inbox. Clicking those links may take you to familiar looking websites that prompt you to input private details. These details are then collected and used for malicious reasons, an activity called phishing, but Bitdefender can identify such websites and protect you from them.

Payments protection
You no longer have to worry about secure payments, with Bitdefender SafePay, your credit card details can be automatically filled for you whenever you want to make a transaction. They even have a dedicated browser that you can use for online shopping and banking.

What if you have files on your hard drive that you would like to protect? Worry not, Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 actually includes features for protecting your offline local files.

File protection
The software let’s you put your important files in a watch-list that detects if any changes are made on them. Also, only applications that you trust are allowed to access those safe files.
In addition, documents can be put under multiple layers of protection so as to keep them away from ransomware( a program that encrypts files and forces the user to pay a ransom for decryption).
In other times, the best way to protect the contents of a file is by deleting them, Bitdefender comes with a File Shredder, it completely erases a file without leaving recoverable traces of it.


Bitdefender Autopilot does all the processes in the background without nagging you with distracting pop-ups. All the while, Photon adapts the protection operations in a way that utilizes available resources efficiently without slowing down other running applications.

We have established that Bitdefender not only offer a plethora of security features, but it executes them constant without any performance hit or distractions. So now go right ahead and get yourself a copy of Bitdefender Internet Security 2018 for your PC today, and enjoy peace of mind on all online activities and offline file security.