Launches to Help SMEs Use Visual Story Telling for Digital Marketing


Verhaal, a Nigerian startup has been working with SMEs and entrepreneurs in digital and social media marketing at a time when companies in the country are increasingly expressing appetite for new media advertising to reach a wider online community.

The company’s strong focus on visual story telling has been its forte. Verhaal is a Nigerian startup that works with clients to acquire digital estates and strategically position brands to be accessible to their target market. At Verhaal, they bring a wealth of experience in marketing, sales, and social media to their clients. Focusing on clearly defining the goals and activities, which will get measurable results. Whether it’s a marketing campaign or a social media strategy they know that they have to help clients achieve business goals.

They are located in Lagos, Nigeria. Verhaal was founded by David Akara, with the support of Nteoniro Bertram and Chisobem Nwokedi.
Initially the company was funded by the founders’ savings as they were bootstrapping and later from funds generated by sales. After a year they got a grant to support their operations. They focus on visual story telling in any of their campaigns while connecting with their target audience in a language they understand. They have perfected the art of digital marketing and with their elaborate research and ground work, they are able to identify market needs and address them effectively and efficiently.

They have gotten mixed reactions from the market since inception. There are those who understand the need to have a digital marketing strategy and there are those who believe that there is no need for one since their interpretation of digital marketing is only posting on social media. They predominantly deal with SMEs who are keen on reaching a wider online audience.

As Africa continues to enjoy impressive penetration of ICTs and with companies realizing the power of digital marketing to the bottom lines, their target is to position the company to be the number one story teller in Sub Saharan Africa. Currently they need to scale up in terms of human capacity. Having more skilled and creative talents on their team will go a long way in helping them go from good to great.