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Apple may Release New iPhone in Different colors

by Vivianne Musumba
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Apple could release an iPhone later this year with gray, white, blue, red, and orange color options. The colorful new phone would be a less expensive model that has facial recognition and an edge-to-edge screen, according to details from the TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared by 9to5Mac.

The supersize iPhone X could come in another new color — gold — according to the note shared by 9to5Mac.
Apple most recently released a lower-cost iPhone model with the iPhone 5c in 2013. That too came in a variety of colors, but it was not as strong a seller as Apple had hoped, and the model was discontinued soon after its release. Apple doesn’t give release dates or details about upcoming products before they’re officially announced. The company usually reveals new features as well as when you can a new product at one of its annual launch events.

Apple watchers are expecting three new iPhones this year: one that looks like the iPhone X but with updated components; a supersize version of the iPhone X; and a less expensive, colorful iPhone with an edge-to-edge LCD screen and facial recognition that costs $650 to $750.
It will be a better phone with possible features including dual-SIM functionality, additional battery life, and a faster chip. Most of the improvements will come in the phones’ new software.

Though Apple will release iOS 12 shortly after the launch of its new iPhones. If you don’t want to use Face ID, and would rather stick with the fingerprint sensor, Apple is likely to keep the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in its lineup and they could get a $100 discount.

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