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Monday, August 8, 2022
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Meet Tatenda Ndambakuwa The Woman Helping Farmers Through An App Development

by Vanessa Waithera
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Many people use technology as a way of building corporate companies but most are not driven by a passion to solve problems or address key societal issues.

Tatenda Ndambakuwa founded Shiri as a solution to food security issues. There have been food security challenges in Zimbabwe by helping farmers in her country to become more productive and efficient using the power of technology. Shiri ensures agricultural information and resources are in one place and accessible for anyone on the African continent. The Shiri mobile phone app allows African farmers to better manage the food production system, through sharing equipment, knowledge, and marketplaces. The whole point of the app is to optimize production, sale and distribution for small scale farmers. The app has been working in Zimbabwe for a while now but the vision is to take it to other countries.

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So what exactly is her service and product about?

Tatenda has been able to get information and market information that helps them reduce post-harvest spoilage. It’s beneficial to both the consumer and agricultural stakeholder and agricultural science students and researchers can connect with farmers in various regions. Finally, drivers can earn money by delivering products and transporting farmers to markets.


What are their future plans?

They hope to expand their services  to more countries on the African continent and Bangladesh. The plan is to also grow the farming community and make it closer. They are hopeful that they will bring the farming community closer together and help towards making farming more attractive and food security a reality. Eventually, they hope to be the largest agricultural resource hub.



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