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OyaPay releases new version, adds “Order Ahead” feature

OyaPay, an offline payment and checkout company, which lets users pay merchants with their smartphone by scanning a QR code, has released a timely update to its mobile application. This time, adding one very important feature.

The feature, “Order ahead” allows users and business owners to order, receive orders and transact payments for goods in-app. The new release resolves two very important issues a business needs – visibility and flexibility.

For most merchants, payment isn’t their only problems. Additional value must be provided to keep customers coming back to transact with the merchants. The realization of this is what birthed the Order Ahead feature with a revamped app.

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About OyaPay

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OyaPay is a mobile app solution that powers offline transactions with QR technology. They help offline merchants accept payment with any mobile phone and take orders ahead from customers. OyaPay also has a checkout solution for supermarkets (OyaPayGo) which provides a seamless shopping and payment mode for users and merchants alike.

The company envision an African economy where offline merchants are financially included, without the current barriers of cost or technology complexity.

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The new “Order Ahead” feature.

“Order Ahead” as a feature allows you list your products on the app (which is visible to all users), take orders and receive payment. Yes, all in-app. Basically, users can search for merchants/restaurants on the app, order for a product, pay in-app and go pick up when its is ready.

Making this feature available strengthens the OyaPay platform and positions it as a one-stop app destination for customer-business relationship. It opens up OyaPay to millions of registered and unregistered businesses and users who would be better for offline payments and increases the odds for achieving a cashless economy.

Order Ahead

In the words of OyaPay CEO, Abdulhamid Hassan,

“This new feature allows OyaPay to further achieve its mission of allowing users and offline businesses transact digitally. We’ve succeeded in satisfying the urge to be more than just any other payment solution. There was always that strong desire to provide more value to our end users and merchants. We are extremely glad that every registered user or business on OyaPay can do more than just make and receive payments.”


Other features that comes with this new version include:

Loyalty & Gifting: The company has partnered with ThankuCash, to introduce a simple way for merchants to motivate customer behavior with tailored rewards that are redeemed quickly and conveniently.

CRM: A responsive dashboard for merchants to manage their business and customers.

Campaign Creator: Provides a self-service marketing tool for OyaPay merchants to effectively target their customers and run data-driven campaigns.

SDK Integrations: would allow people make use of these features without downloading the app. Through integrating with some banks in Nigeria.

Making offline payments, especially one as easy as scanning a QR code, exhibits numerous potentials. Especially in a country which, according to reports, mobile phone penetration grew to 84% in 2017 from a previous 53%. There hopes to be more viral use cases for this app to directly impact customers.


OyaPay + “Order Ahead” feature at a glance.

  • Make and receive payments to offline merchants anywhere, anytime.
  • Search for businesses (restaurants, coffee shops, eateries) around your location.
  • Make orders, pay for them within the app.
  • Process orders conveniently for Business owners.


For more information, visit or download the mobile app here.

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Daniel Anuoluwapelumi Moses
Daniel Anuoluwapelumi Moses
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