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Careers you can pursue in the e-sports industry

The world of work is changing. We all know this. To a certain extent the world in which people entered into a trade at 16 and stayed in this job for the rest of their life are gone, for better or worse. However, due to the rise in technology and the changing world we now have huge opportunities in emerging fields to look forward to in our work life, as well as the chance to constantly update our skill set. One of these new fields is Esports. You may be wondering what kind of careers are available in this relatively young industry.

First of all, you could work on the games themselves. This section of the industry includes but is not limited to gamer, those who play the games (yes it’s the stuff of dreams to be a professional gamer), and it also involves developing the games. For example, you may compose the music for the games, or develop and create the games, or even create the artwork. These jobs can be quite lucrative, and obviously require you to be creative and to have technical knowledge of games or some other form of specialist knowledge. Another dream job within the industry is to be a games tester. Just think, you could earn around £60,000 for playing games!

Aside from actually working on the games themselves, the other main sector of the industry involves organising and hosting the events in which people play the games. For example, you could organise the gaming events, including hiring the venues and marketing them. For this, you would need events and marketing experience. Likewise, you could be in charge of developing the merchandise for such events, for which you would need a similar set of skills.

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As we said, the world of work is changing. To say you worked in the Esports industry only a few years ago would be akin to saying you had just arrived from Mars! However, now there are real opportunities in this industry if you have the right skills and qualification.

To find out more about these exciting careers, see this infographic.

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