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Cellulant to hold memorial for 6 senior employees killed in Dusit terror attack

Fintech company Cellulant pays tributes for six of its senior employees who were killed on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 15th 2019, in the terror attack at the DusitD2 complex where the company has its offices.

Attackers, a suicide bomber and several gunmen burst into the office complex on 14 Riverside Drive, Nairobi, killing 21 innocents and leaving several others injured.

Among those who lost their lives were Cellulant’s Head of Product Development Ashford Kuria, Hub Engineer Kelvin Gitonga, Head of Information Security Dennis Mwaniki, Quality Assurance Tester John Ndiritu, Implementation Engineer Wilfred Kareithi, Head of Hub Jeremiah Mbaria

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Cellutant paid tribute to them with the following statements:

Ashford Kuria – Head of Product Development:Ashford was the ultimate geek. His knowledge of everything about everything was hilarious. He will be remembered best for his big smile, warm personality, his kindness, love to everyone and most importantly his tenacity. Acts 6:8 -10 describes him best.

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Dennis Mwaniki – Head of Information Security:Denis was a curious explorer, strategic thinker, a gentleman and exemplary leader. He was a calm spirit, humble and a great friend. His intellect and quick thinking got Cellulant the coveted global ISO 27001 information security certification.

Jeremiah Mbaria – Head of Hub:Jeremiah was not just a leader, he was a brother and a mentor to many. He guided his team with humility and corrected with humour. He loved God and everyone he came across; and always challenged his team to grow.

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John Ndiritu – Quality Assurance Tester:John was always jovial, calm and best known for his humour. If you needed a laugh, he would be your guy. He was always willing to go the extra mile to put in extra time and effort to help when called upon. “Just because it is not my job, does not mean that I cannot do it”, he would say.

Kelvin Gitonga – Hub Engineer: Kelvin will be remembered as an intelligent and versatile engineer who worked in the Hub implementation department. To him, technology would change world. He was very passionate about his work and wanted to know everything Java script.

Wilfred Kareithi – Implementation Engineer, Global Delivery Team: Wilfred was an energetic, always happy individual who never shied away from taking on tasks, no matter how challenging. He helped unconditionally and always sought to mentor new staff members and share knowledge on any new discovery.

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