Nairobi Garage opens its third coworking space in Karen


Nairobi Garage, a coworking space for innovative and growing businesses has launched a new hub in Karen, Nairobi, making the total workspace provided by Nairobi Garage across its three locations at 60,000 sq ft.

Nairobi Garage Karen offers 14,000 sq ft of workspace is also designed to maximise functionality for resident companies featuring 18 private offices and 150 desks,  high-speed internet, 24/7 access to members and is set in the lush green office development of Watermark Business Park.

Adding to the existing Nairobi Garage premises in Kilimani and Westlands, the Karen space completes a triangular network spanning Nairobi, with members able to move freely between the three hubs as their business schedules require.

The Watermark Business Park is also home to global companies such as Unilever and GE, in-keeping with Nairobi Garage’s strategy to facilitate partnerships and networking among leading businesses – large and small.

“We’re pleased to open the doors of Nairobi Garage // Karen to the city’s business community.  Our three locations now mean that members can work from any side of town, and quickly set up operations and a presence all across the city.  Over and above the handpicked locations, Nairobi Garage has been deliberate about ensuring every square inch of our space is optimised for productivity giving members a world-class creative home to scale and innovate,” says Hannah Clifford, director of Nairobi Garage.

Nairobi Garage // Karen has a number of luxury features, including four state-of-the-art meeting rooms, AC throughout the space, sound-proofed boardrooms and call booths, round the clock on-site  security team, male and female showering facilities, as well as an on-site bistro, “Brioche”.

Members have the ability to drop in and work from any premises at no extra cost, and can use the meeting rooms and facilities in any location.

“As a fast-growing tech company with offices in 5 African countries already, we find working from Nairobi Garage, as a location for our East Africa operations, really convenient. The efficiency of the space allows us to focus on our growth. It’s inspiring to work around so much energy and creativity on a daily basis, and the expansion of that network of professional businesses is something really positive for Kenya,” says Nikolai Barnwell, CEO of Betpawa.

Launched in 2014, Nairobi Garage is home to over 100 companies across both of its current locations. However, the number is set to go up in the coming weeks with the launch of its third location. 

Some of the companies already working from Nairobi Garage, Karen include African Logistics Provider ALP, LC Waikiki, Carlsberg, Acumen, Asoko Insight, Opera News, MEST Africa, Africa Leadership University (through its accelerator programme ALX), TLCom Capital and Ad Dynamo. Other companies that also started off at Nairobi Garage include: Twiga Foods, BitPesa and Branch International.

In the coming few months the company looks into expanding its Karen location to yet another floor making it the largest co-working space in Africa, reaching 80,000 sq ft.

To book a tour of Nairobi Garage, please send an email to your location of choice on [email protected].

A 10% discount is on offer to all new companies taking up private offices, as well as Ksh 5,000 per desk off for the year on all coworking desks, for anyone joining Nairobi Garage in February