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Uber targets dumb phone users with new hotline allowing requests via phone calls

In a move that will see Uber customers move from one point to another with or without data, Uber has unveiled a hotline to allow its users to hail cabs using just a phone call.

You can now request a ride with just a phone call—giving you more options to find a ride around Nairobi.

Gone are the days whereby you’d have to approach a taxi parked on the side of the road to negotiate prices with the driver. This mostly depended on either how you looked (Some people just look monied), your destination and at times the drivers financial state.

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Better yet if you had “your taxi guy”, you’d just make prior arrangements for your pick up and have your money ready, or at times call him abruptly hoping that he is free to drive you to your desired destination.

What you need to know is that at the moment the service allows requesting a car within the city of Nairobi only, and you can request a ride without an Uber account. During your first call, you will be asked to provide your name/last name for registration.
The estimated cost of the trip is calculated using the estimated distance and the expected duration of the trip. Final pricing may differ and will be visible on your driver’s phone screen.

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What you need to do is:

Dial 0800 722 000 to request a ride by phone

1. Call 0800 722 000 on your mobile:You will be connected with an Uber representative who will help you find a driver partner for your trip.

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2. Share trip details:Give your pick up and drop off locations to your Uber representative.

3. Confirm the fare: The Uber representative will quote you the price and confirm your trip.

4. Find your driver: Once you get off the phone, you will receive your driver’s details via SMS and all you do after this is meet them at the agreed pick up location.

Feritter Owich
Feritter Owich
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