4 Technological Trends That Will Impact the Future Of Gaming


Technology really is an amazing thing. This is especially true when it comes to gambling and online gaming. There is a good chance that as a gambler, you have probably already seen the major impact that technology has already had on the industry. Well, this is just the beginning and there are many more changes expected to come. Some gamblers fear such technology, as other really welcome it. It really depends on what type of person that you are, but it would be hard for anyone to deny that the current technological changes haven’t been for the better of the industry. That being said, below you are going to learn about 4 more technological trends that you can expect in the oncoming years.

Facial Recognition

If you are a smartphone owner there is a good chance that you have already noticed that they are now implementing fingerprint security devices. These are truly great security enhancements because the do away with passwords and only allow you access. Well, it looks like the casino industry is going to take there game even further by implementing facial recognition. Of course, they are not going to be using the technology for security purposes. Instead, they are going to use powerful 3D scanners and cameras to help create precise video images that look exactly like you. This will give you a lifelike avatar when you are gambling in your favorite casinos.

Gesture Recognition

You have probably already seen some form of gesture recognition somewhere. This is a technology that is somewhat similar to green screens. Not in the sense that it can place you in a surreal environment that look lifelike, but in the fact that it captures your motions. Intel RealSense technology is going to give players the same benefit. This 3D camera technology keeps track of 22 points on your hand and can allow you to play games and make movements without the need for a controller or mouse.

Virtual Reality Technology

Virtual reality headsets are not really new technological advances, but they haven’t been quite applied to the online casino industry yet. There is great speculation that this is going to change very soon. Virtual reality is already present in a number of games and players from all around the world have taken to it. This technology is supposedly going to give players the ability to feel like they are actually standing in a real casino. If sites like sbobet88 take advantage of this technology there is no denying that it will change the way gamblers are interacting with one another.

Voice Recognition Software

There are already a number of applications where voice recognition technology is taking place. Just go to Google and will now notice that you can search by voice rather than by typing text into the search bar. Well, there is tons of speculation that this technology is going to be used in online casinos as well. This means that players could issue voice commands to control their actions and interactions while playing games and communicating will fellow patrons.