Kenyan startups invited to pitch for between $30,000 to $150,000 from Leapfrog Ventures


Leapfrog Ventures is set to invest between $30,00 and $150,000 into seed stage and early stage startups in Kenya and will hold a pitch competition later this month in Nairobi in partnership with growth Africa.

Not to be confused with Leapfrog Investments, Leap Ventures has invested in Kenya’s BiasharaBot and Rwanda’s Exuus’.

The Tokyo-based firm in July 2018 launched a $4.5 million fund for startups across sub-Saharan Africa especially for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Launched by Takuma Terakubo and Samurai Incubate, leapfrog Ventures is based kLab in Kigali, Rwanda and gives tickets of around $50,000 per deal into early stage startups in finance, logistics, agriculture, energy and healthcare.

The fund is targeting 100 seed stage investments in East Africa in the next three years. the firm is and conduct proof-of-concept with less regulatory constraints.

For entrepreneurs looking for the next funding for their startups, Leapfrog Ventures, Series A Venture Capitalist and Angel Investors are here for that purpose.

The fund is looking for Seed stage or Growth stage startups to apply here to pitch to the investors. Leapfrog Ventures will select two startups to pitch at the Africa’s Notable Startup Pitch Event on July 18th and startups who will not be selected will be free to attend the event and network. The finalist can get funding ranging from $30,000 to $150,000 investment.

Please fill this application form.