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Top Eight Apps for Music Lovers

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Music and gadgets have had an affinity for each other since the very beginning. Think of the old times when music players were first introduced all the way to the iPod. Now our mobile phones can play music for us. What a journey it has been! In current times, you can find countless applications and software for your mobile devices to satisfy and quench your thirst for music.

Here are some of the best music-oriented applications available which are sure to come in handy for music lovers.

Jet Audio HD

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This famous music player was the “thing” back in its glory days. It comprises of all the necessary features that a music player needs to possess, and at the same time it is simple enough to use by people of all ages. It has the necessary built-in audio enhancements which let you customize your sound and the equalizer. You get to choose between the free version and the paid one. The paid version gives you an ad free experience, while the rest of the features are similar between both options.

Media Monkey

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This has to be one of the sturdiest music players available. it can easily handle various formats of audio files thrown its way and convert them to your desired formats. It helps you manage your scattered music files from various folders and subfolders, and tags them so they can be filtered and stored accordingly. The one con with this application is that it works for Windows only, which cuts its consumer market into a relative niche. 


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One of the most popular music applications available, it lets you identify any song or music playing in the background, so you never have to worry about missing a great song that you heard over the radio or in your friend’s car. Looking for the lyrics to a particular song? Let Shazam help you with that with its vast online libraries. And it doesn’t just restrict its search to songs. You can even search for movies, TV shows, and advertisements by feeding a small part of it to the application itself. One of the handiest applications out there, no doubt. 

Amazon Music 

Amazon is comparatively new in the field of music app development, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not competitive. Amazon Music gives you access to a pool of free songs which you can enjoy, and lets you sync the songs stored on your cloud and the ones you’ve purchased from the Amazon store seamlessly. An Amazon Music Unlimited subscription lets you access the entire online library for $10/month. Prime subscribers get a narrowed down version for $8 a month, with access to more than a million songs.


This is considered to be among the best music streaming services around. With a paid subscription, you get to enjoy millions of free songs and also get the added feature of enjoying songs offline on your devices by downloading them. What’s more, you can download on three separate devices simultaneously with one account! The company offers more customized packages where six people can connect to your account at little added cost. The free mode also got revamped recently, and allows you to listen to up to 750 songs from 15 separate playlists that you like. 


SoundCloud is basically a podcast and music sharing platform where you can listen to millions of community uploaded versions and alterations of your favorite songs. A number of music producers upload their remixes over this platform as well. As an amateur artist, you get the opportunity to record, market, and promote your music. 


This application is quite adaptable and admirable, as it recommends you songs over the internet with traits similar to those songs which you have already listened to. Also referred to as Pandora Radio, it lets you stream music over online libraries and to listen to the free internet radio at the same instance. As its name suggests, it is a box-like application with multiple exciting features, and the recommendation system hosts an impressive AI which is sure to attract attention from a number of customers.


This radio application lets you listen to over 1500 live radio stations with the unique feature of setting up a customized station based on a specific artist or song. Like other radio based applications, you cannot pause or record the songs being played, which is a general con. The custom stations generated are ad free, which is a great plus, as it lets you enjoy your favorite song and artist peacefully. You also get to choose if you want to add popular songs to your stream or if you are in the mood for exploring something new. 

These applications are sure to meet and satisfy your music cravings. The app stores are quite comprehensive and can offer you a large number of options to choose from based on your likings and preferences. You just need a reliable internet connection to start exploring these options. Be sure to check out and get spectrum deals offers to find a suitable internet deal for yourself if you don’t already have one. So keep these applications around with you on your smart devices, and we hope that they come in handy!

Author Bio:

Kamil Hassan is an enthusiastic E-gamer with an active flair for everything TECHNOLOGY. He enjoys presenting interesting takes on subjects of interest including gaming, gadgets, music, and so much more. He enjoys both writing and reading with an “educate and be educated” attitude. In his leisure time, you will find him socializing at the nearest hotspot having philosophical debates and sharing stimulating ideas, all in the name of positivity.

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