Mobiclicks, a South African mobile ad agency launches in Kenya


Mobiclicks, a South African mobile advertising agency has launched in Kenya in a move expected to take advantage of East Africas growing mobile sector.

To deepen its skin in the game, Mobiclicks has appointed Allen Kambuni, Bean Interactive’s co-founder and co-director as its regional head.

According to Shaun Rosen, CEO of Mobiclicks, “These are exciting times. When a South African mobile marketing leader believes the next step after Johannesburg and Cape Town is Nairobi, that says the African Renaissance is real and the vision of Africa as the Bright Continent can be achieved. We are thrilled to have Allen on board as he represents our first on-the-ground presence in another African country”.

This is the agency’s first branch outside of South Africa. East Africa is attractive to Mobiclicks due to its affordable Internet and booming mobile sector coupled with an increasing population and economic growth.

“East Africa is a multilayered region, not a single homogenous country and there are complexities involved in successfully navigating the market for mobile advertising products and services,” said Allen Kambuni adding that the business conditions are promising.

With the growing ICT sector, Kambuni sees this as an opportunity for continental mobile marketing agencies to work with local talent and find ways to ways to seamlessly reach consumers using a mix of traditional and mobile advertising platforms.

“Clients are interested in using mobile to seal the deal, so to speak, while still laying much of the brand-building groundwork with traditional media and this collaborative approach suits us just fine,” said Kambuni.

Mobiclicks which will directly compete Bean Interactive, MediaPal among other agencies promises a globally-proven advertising technology platform that delivers results and as well shapes their future digital decision making using data.